90 Days to Forever Youth

By Abhilasha Singh

Aren't you tired of buying tons of products and still being lost about what is right for your skin? Me too !!! And that is why I have put is all together to simplify the scary world of skin and haircare and bring to you things are effective/applicable in daily life/sustainable.

In this 90 Day course, Abhilasha will take you from basics to what personalised products you should buy that are right for you. What you get ?

  • Personalized skin and hair care products
  • Solution and right products to THINNING hair
  • Ayurvedic remedies from our kitchens for skin and hair

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Inside the Program

Now you can stop searching for answers to these questions on a search engine! and get to actually learning a healthy holistic skincare and haircare practice. We will help answer your burning questions:

  • How do I stop my hairfall?
  • How do I stop my skin from looking dull and dry?
  • Why is my scalp thinning from the hairline?
  • How can I stop my skin from looking oily all the time?
  • Why does my makeup not stay longer on my face ?

A 90 days journey hat will solve all your mysteries of skin care and hair care and give you insight into a daily healthy practice.

  • Module 1 (Week 1): 30 minutes one-on-one session with Abhilasha to understand your lifestyle and daily practices.
  • Module 1 (Week 2): Lifestyle changes to be incorporated and why?, implementing meditation and its beneficial effects.
  • Module 2 (Week 3): Food habits and incorporating pranic foods that will benefit skin, hair and overall well being.
  • Module 2 (Week 4): Deep dive in modern skincare serums, acids, retanols and anti-aging products.
  • Module 3 (Week 5): All about your skin (texture, layer & functioning).
  • Module 3 (Week 6): All about your hair (structure of hair, thinning, breakage and prevention).
  • Module 4 (Week 7): 30 minutes one-on-one session with Abhilasha on your progress Q&A.
  • Module 4 (Week 8): Happy zone, ways to destress (facial yoga), quick medidtation practices.
  • Module 5 (Week 9): Ayurveda and benefits of detoxification.
  • Module 5 (Week 10): DIY Masks: Blend natural ingredients into your diy masks for skin and hair.
  • Module 6 (Week 11): Recap of the past 10 weeks:Group Q&A and feedback.
  • Module 6 (Week 12): 30 mins one-on-one session with Abhilasha for creating a perosnalised list of products for daily/seasonal use.

Skin Care with Abhilasha Singh

Nitika Photo

I have done a one month skin and hair program with Abhilasha. Each of the products recommended by her worked wonders for my acneic skin. The change in my skin is very noticeable. I am not getting stubborn cystic acne, and it helped with my skin clearing, without any typical dryness.

The system that Abhilasha developed is unlike any other out there. It contains what products to use and how, and what other habits one can add to the daily life, how to efficiently use available kitchen items for an effective DIY treatment, which helps define a holistic mindset towards a long-term healthier body.

Nitika Aggarwal, California

Hiranmayi Photo

Abhilasha is not only skilled , knowledgeable and friendly but she is extremely RELIABLE. I had approached her for hair and skin consultation about 1.5 months before my wedding. She took time to understand my skin/hair type, habits and the products I used and then gave me a personalised list of products suitable for me along with minor changes in my diet! Her DIY hair and skin masks proved to be very helpful too! She only suggested products she knows/used first hand and was spot on with her recommendations. I saw visible results for both my hair and skin under her guidance. Infact, I had done something stupid with my skin that I shouldn’t have just weeks before my wedding. I had bruises on my face and Freaked out, but she was patient and promptly responded on how I can fix it! She checked on me everyday and was available whenever I reached out to help me in every possible way to make my skin come back to normal and even better! I'm very thankful I found her! I can vouch for her - She would never disappoint!

Hiranmayi Upadhyayula, California

Shena Photo

Abhilasha!!! Where do I begin? She was the only makeup/hair artist that my wedding planner recommended for me to try to book and cautioned me that I might be too late as I only had less than 10 months for the wedding. Once I saw her Instagram I was sold. Our first phone meeting was so comfortable and I was lucky that she was available. Then covid happened. She was so flexible with changing dates. And then our friendship evolved over discussing our passion for skincare and planning my three-day wedding looks. My brief to her was “I want to look like myself and you just do you”. And boy did she deliver. She did three completely different looks and when I thought she couldn’t get any better she proved me wrong by outdoing her work with every new look. Planning a wedding during a pandemic is hard. My hair and makeup was the only thing I did not stress about even for a second. She has become a friend/sister to me over the last 8 months. As I often tell her “she is the Sabyasachi of makeup/hair”. I can proudly say “I am an Abhilasha bride”. Love you so much Abhilasha. 5 starts are not enough for you. You are a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning for you. Much love.

Sneha Gullapalli, Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q When does the program begin?

A: The program begins on February 4th 2021 and ends on April 22nd 2021 (Thursdays at 10:30am).

Q Who should enroll to this program?

A: Every Man and Woman who wants a longer lasting young looking skin and hair, after all skin is a reflection.

Q Can I pay in installments?

A: Yes, using paypal subscribe below.

Q What is included?

A: Included:

  • 9 online live trainings with Abhilasha.
  • 3 personalised 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Abhilasha.
  • 12 hours (Tue-Sun 9am-6pm) to have continued support.
  • Monthly newsletter on latest skincare, haircare products and methods.

Q Is this an online course?

Yes, this course will be held on ZOOM. You will receive the details for ZOOM meeting after your enrollment.

Q Is this really for me?

A: Yes. The program is for you if: you love yourself and want to age gracefully.

Q Is the course refundable?

A: Course fees are non-refundable. Unattended classes will be avalaible as a recording, one-on-one sessions can be rescheduled within 1 year.


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